The Cover Up Project

During this time of global pandemic, we at The Tailors want to be part of the solution. We are creating face masks to distribute to people to help aid the recovery process, and get our country back to work.

We are making them for all who need them at no charge. If you need a face mask, please order on the form below. We are doing our best to make them with volunteers and limited supplies. Ordering is on a first come, first serve basis. Please limit ordering to one per person so that we can help get everyone a mask. We will have them available for pick up at both of our locations.

We appreciate anything you can do to help in our cause. If you wish to donate money,

our suggested donation is $10 per mask.

If you received a face mask, we would love your feedback. We want to make them comfortable and easy to use, so everyone will wear one!
Thank You!
From all of us at The Tailors

Face Mask Types

2 things to choose:

Pleated style or Bucket Style

Elastic around ears or Ties around back of head

Pleated Style

  • Top one has ties that go around back of the head

  • Bottom one has elastic that goes around ears

  • Includes a metal nose piece

  • Good for healthcare workers

  • Please request an opening for filter if necessary

Bucket Style

  • Ties around back of the head

  • Great for wearing all day

  • Bottom mask is shown with a hair elastic used to adjust instead of tying

Bucket Style

  • Elastic that goes around ears

  • Bucket style does NOT include metal nose piece


Please measure from the tip of your nose  to middle of your ear. Make sure to tell us what your measurement is and we will give you the size that will work best for you.

Want to order a face mask? Please fill out the form below.